Citizens’ Climate Lobby Lecture & Hike

Continuing Welty’s focus on climate change from last spring (see Our Climate, Our Future, Together in Beloit, and Food Waste and Composting), we are hosting the Citizens’ Climate Lobby to show how to get involved and to advocate for systemic change. Representatives from the Lobby will present on carbon fee and dividend legislation and how to drive change through new laws governing carbon (register here).

The Rock County Conservationists have been slowly restoring the Big Hill prairie around the Center (Lower Left: before, Upper Left, Right: after). Learn more about this effort on a hike after the lecture.

I am excited to meet folks who are working to make progress…

New laws. Laws of any kind right now that govern what a person is free to do or prohibits them from doing are extremely polarizing. Even as I write this blog post on a subject that I am deeply concerned and passionate about, a sense of fatigue sets in that is difficult to write through. Laws are difficult. There are lobbyists whose entire jobs are to apply pressure on our elected officials and prevent any new legislation that could adversely impact their business interests. Professional lobbyists possess so much power. I question my individual ability to create an impact or drive meaningful change. That’s why organizations like the Citizens’ Climate Lobby are so critical – they focus our collective voice

…and change the way we think about climate, our planet, and our only home.

I do all I can: write letters to my elected officials, vote for candidates who believe in science, and provide climate field trips to students. Joining my efforts with a group of like-minded individuals amplifies the message. Now, it is not only my efforts, but the efforts of many. The Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a national organization with local chapters. They are a “nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy climate change organization focused on national policies to address the climate movement.” (CCL Website). 

I am excited to host the local chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby at Welty. I am excited to meet folks who are working to make progress and change the way we think about climate, our planet, and our only home. Folks who are vocalizing as a collective to put pressure on our elected officials to not lose sight of the science or become fatigued. 

To put a little sugar on the lecture, plan to stay for a guided climate-related hike around Big Hill Park. We will look at the efforts of the Rock County Conservations to restore a section to prairie and how native prairie plants can help sequester carbon. We will also make our way down to the historic location of Wisconsin’s first ski jump constructed by Norwegian immigrants to view the Rock River and how Big Hill formed through glacial outwash.  

I sure hope you can make it. Come learn how to add your voice to those of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and stay for the hike.  

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Lecture & Hike  7/23/22, 3pm to 5pm

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Aaron WilsonAaron Wilson | Welty Environmental Center
Program Director, WEC