September 17, 2022 all-day
Welty Environmental Center
1201 Big Hill Court
Brenda Plakans
Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes @ Welty Environmental Center

Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes

Take a journey through climate change with a visit to the interactive exhibition, Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes. Bring your family and friends to Welty, and learn together how climate is changing and how it’s affecting people’s lives around the country and around the world.

Real People, Real Climate, Real Changes was developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the UCAR Center for Science Education to help share the science of climate change and how it impacts people’s lives. The exhibit is traveling around the country and will be in Beloit from Sept. 6-November 21 (weekdays 9am-3pm; weekends from 12-4pm), thanks to generous support from UW’s Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research.

On Sunday, Oct. 23 from 1-4pm we are hosting an informational event: Sustainable Action Through a Beloit Lens. It will feature a panel and lecture, followed by exhibit walk-throughs and delicious local eats. See here for the day’s schedule.

On the weekend, join us for climate-based activities in the Program room geared for kids 5-12 yrs old, but everyone is welcome. For more information on weekly themes, see this event listing.