Extending our WELCOME to The Lincoln Academy!

You may have noticed that Welty has a handful of new faces around the center. That is due to an additional collaboration with The Lincoln Academy, where 11th grade scholars will be developing research projects using GLOBE protocols. Another project our interns will focus on this fall is developing center displays, so be sure to visit and explore the activities they put together for us! Let’s get to know our Fall 2023 WELCOME interns, shall we?

Fall, 2023 WELCOME interns (L to R: Theo, Harley, and Evelyn) pause by the Big Hill outcrop while doing field work in the park.

Theo Felger (he/him) is an eleventh grader. During school, Theo enjoys Earth science class. Outside of school, he enjoys reading, cooking, baking, paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, gardening, playing video games, and playing with his pets. Some things Theo is looking forward to during his internship are learning about native wildlife and any environmental concerns in his community. He is most interested in GLOBE biosphere protocols because he’d like to pursue a career in wildlife conservation. We look forward to working with you, Theo!

Harley Monyak (they/them) is a junior at TLA, where they enjoy learning about stained glass, Earth science, and digital art. In their free time, Harley likes to draw, plant flowers and vegetables, read, and play video games. Harley is most looking forward to gaining more hands-on experience through the activities during their WELCOME internship at Welty. We’re glad to have you here, Harley!

Evelyn Hayward (she/her) is a junior, and her favorite classes this semester are Earth science, English, and chemistry. She enjoys visiting thrift stores, reading books with her cats, and trying new recipes. During her internship this semester, Evelyn looks forward to gaining experience in collecting data using GLOBE atmosphere and biosphere protocols and using that data to help people. Welcome to the team, Evelyn!

This is the first time we’ve had a group of WELCOME interns in the fall. For the past two years, we’ve had Beloit Memorial High School students join us for the spring semester. We’re happy to expand our work to host these scholars (school) year round!

Darien Becker
Environmental Educator, WEC