Fall Means Field Trips

The swing from Summer to Fall always seems too quick. Memories of hot sunny days, splashing in creeks, and scooping up macroinvertebrates are still fresh. How can it be that we are already seeing oranges, yellows, and red in the tree canopy while the ground is being dusted with crunchy leaves? With the turning of colors, it means a quick shift for Welty, and we are already in full swing with Field Trip season.

Mr. Aaron leads Rock Prairie Montessori students in activities about tree habitats.

With the turning of colors, it means a quick shift for Welty…

We kicked off this season with Even Start’s 4K classroom. They visited to learn about the differences between forests and prairies. They stood next to tall prairie grasses like Big Bluestem, which can be more than six-feet. They inspected pollinators feasting on nectar from Canada Goldenrod and Purple Asters before they moved into the forest. In the shade of the maples and oaks, they saw Chipmunks gathering acorns and Downy Woodpeckers searching for Bark Beetles.

…and we are in full swing with Field Trip season!

We also took an outreach program to the Rock Prairie Montessori school in Janesville. We explored trees as habitats, made a tree habitat craft, and searched their school forest. In October, we are hiking Big Hill Park with second graders from the School District of Beloit. They are discovering the relationship between producers, consumers, and decomposers and how limiting factors (food, water, shelter, space) have an impact on animal populations. This season will also bring The Lincoln Academy, Rock County Christian, and others to study the environmental systems, ecology, and enjoy the changing of seasons. 

It is my hope that you are able to join them. Come out to Big Hill Park and see the colors. Come to the center and experience the national traveling climate exhibit Real People, Real Climate, Real Change (through November 20th). Don’t let–in my opinion–the best season of the year slip by without getting outside. 

Aaron WilsonAaron Wilson | Welty Environmental Center
Program Director, WEC