Join Welty at the 10th Annual Wisconsin Science Fest!

From Oct. 21-24, join the Wisconsin Science Festival for a statewide celebration of science, with events across the state–both virtual and in-person–for people of all ages. Events include hands-on science exhibitions, demonstrations, performances, tours, pub nights, workshops and more. Many events are free, while others charge a nominal fee to cover materials. You can check out the full schedule HERE.

 Last year’s fair attracted 43,000 people across the state…

Welty is excited to be a part of the fun, and are sponsoring a couple of events for the Fest. During the day on Sat. Oct. 23 from 10am-noon, we will be at the Beloit Public Library Putting the -ORE in EXPLORE by looking at three different topics: Rocks, Ores, and Gems; Tooth Sleuthing; and Friendly and Fiendish Furs. This event is free and doesn’t require registration, so drop by.

so check it out in 2022 to see what Science Fest is all about!

Or, come out to Welty Center at Big Hill Park, Sat. Oct. 23 from 6-9pm, to learn more about the lives of owls. We will explore owls’ diet by dissecting owl pellets, playing games to learn how owls hunt, and taking a night hike to listen for them in the Big Hill Forest. This event does require pre-registration and costs $10 for members/$12 for non-members to cover materials. Register HERE.

The Wisconsin Science Festival aims to inspire and engage us in the enterprise of science and discovery; to cultivate curiosity and communicate the power of knowledge and creativity to change our worldview; to promote innovation and to cultivate the next generation of global citizens. Last year’s fair attracted 43,000 people across the state, so come check it out in 2022 and see what the fuss is all about! #WiSciFest

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC