Join Welty’s Rock River 5K–Register now!

How much do you know about our local waterway? Here’s a chance to get in touch with the Rock River, get outside, get some exercise, and raise funds for environmental education in the Stateline area! Register here.

The Rock River (known as Sinnissippi by the Sauk and Fox nations) starts in east-central Wisconsin and flows southwest to the Quad City of Illinois and Iowa, where it joins the Mississippi River. It forms one of the borders of Big Hill Park, where Welty Environmental Center is located, and all our water activities occur in its watershed.  For this summer’s fundraiser (no goats in 2020), we’re encouraging folks to walk/run/paddle/swim 5k (3.1 miles) to see if, collectively, we can go the full length of the river (515 km/ 320 mi).

Rock River 5K 2020 | Welty Environmental Center

Here’s a chance to get outside, get some exercise

Choose a time and place from Aug. 17-Sept. 7, and go your distance.  Feel free to travel longer (or shorter), whatever works for you! If you’d like to complete your length along the Rock River itself, there are lots of options along The Rock River Trail.  Send us your distance and a photo (if you’d like) when you’re done, and we’ll post weekly and keep track of our progress on a map of the Rock River.

You can register on our website–$20 FWEC adults; $25 non-members; $15 students.  All participants will receive a snazzy event bandana in the mail (mailed after 9/7). If we get at least 50 registrants, we’ll give away 15 entries to participants in Beloit College’s Help Yourself program, so they can participate without cost.

…and raise funds for environmental education in the Stateline area!

Keep an eye on our facebook page and instagram accounts for more details and our progress.  We even have a fb frame, for you to post with your 5k selfie.

We wish we could have an in-person event to celebrate late summer, but 2020 is the year of the pivot.  We can still get outside and have some fun and I look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling face and tallying our combined efforts!

Sponsored By:

ZFS | Zeeland Farm Services

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC