Meet Eliana Hudock, our Impact Beloit (College) intern

I’m currently a senior at Beloit College. I am an Environmental Biology major with a minor in Political Science. After I graduate from Beloit College in Spring ’24, I hope to work in conservation and to continue doing field work and research. 

Eliana Hudock joins Welty as part of the Impact Beloit program at Beloit College, that places students in 90 hr. internships at Stateline organizations.

I signed up for Impact Beloit because I hoped to get more involved in the community, particularly in the environmental field. Welty Environmental Center has been the perfect place to do this because I’m able to get hands-on experience and explore future career options in a field that interests me. So far, my favorite part has been teaching Environmental Education through fun activities in the after-school programs. I enjoy being able to explore varied aspects of the environmental curriculum with the kids.

Last year, I studied abroad in Norway and did a summer course in Minnesota. In both of these, I took what I was learning in the classroom outside. In Norway, I was in a Geohazards and Climate Change program at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. I learned about the geography and ecology of Norway through the lens of climate change. In Minnesota, I was in a Northwoods Ecology course. I worked on two different projects, one about carnivorous Pitcher Plants and the other about the composition of forests after destruction events, forest fires and windstorms.  

Back home I have one dog, a greyhound named Miley, and a cat, Miso. In my free time I enjoy crocheting and knitting, being outside and going on hikes, and occasionally painting. 

We’re glad to have your help this fall, Eliana!

Aaron WilsonAaron Wilson | Welty Environmental Center
Program Director, WEC