Meet our Spring 2022 WELCOME Interns!

Thanks to our National Science Foundation-funded WELCOME grant (WI Educational Leadership for Community Outreach and Mentoring for the Environment) we are able to host three Beloit Memorial High School interns this spring. As part of the BMHS Careers Academy program, these students will be working on various projects at Welty, including: school programming, curriculum development, land management, citizen science, animal husbandry, and social media. Each intern has a unique set of skills and interests that they bring to the Center. They look forward to implementing GLOBE protocols in their own research projects and meeting students during our field trips that start in February. Without further ado, let’s meet the interns!

Left to right: WELCOME interns Raven Regenold, Liam Flanagan, and Bennett Donovan.

Thanks to our NSF-funded WELCOME grant…

Hi, my name is Raven Regenold. I am a senior at Beloit Memorial. In my free time, I like to play with my kittens and spend some time outdoors. During this internship, I am really looking forward to working with all of the different kiddos within the school district and working on my GLOBE project to learn more about wide-scale science experiments. I am currently looking to further my education at UW-Platteville or UW-Green Bay with a Bachelors in Biology. The funniest animal encounter I experienced was when my family and I went to get in the car after going out to dinner, and I heard a really strange noise coming from the dumpster. When I looked inside the dumpster, I got spooked, but there was just a cute looking raccoon looking back up at me. He was just enjoying his dinner.

…we are able to host three Beloit Memorial High School interns this spring!

Hey! My name is Liam Flanagan, and I am a senior at Beloit Memorial High School. I love to be outside, whether it is playing sports with friends, hunting, fishing, etc. I just enjoy being outside and being active. As for the internship here at Welty, I am most looking forward to getting hands-on experience and having the opportunity to work on projects and field trips. I think the experience I will gain at Welty will have a positive impact on my life and my future. As for college, my top choice is UW-Stevens Point, and I plan on majoring in fish and wildlife conservation. Whether I make the choice to be a game warden or a field scientist is up in the air for me. As for a funny animal encounter I have had, the first one that comes to mind is when I was bowhunting, I decided to look straight above me and there was a giant great horned owl staring right back down at me!

My name is Bennett Donovan, and I am currently a senior attending Beloit Memorial High School. In my free time, I enjoy doing the sport of curling and hanging out with friends. The thing I’m looking forward to most about this internship is the opportunity to get hands-on experience in environmental work. Colleges I am currently looking at are UW-Stevens Point and the University of Nebraska, and I hope to major in environmental science.

Darien Becker
Environmental Educator, WEC