Meet our Spring Duffy Intern, Emma May

Today’s guest post is from Beloit College student Emma May:

For the first few months of 2021 I have been interning at Welty as a Beloit College Duffy student. The Duffy is an internship and sociology seminar course offered at the College that partners with community organizations to allow students to get out in the community and learn. We learn from our partners, from the sites themselves, and from all of the people we interact with.

Emma helped with video content for Welty’s 3rd grade virtual Maple Sugaring field trips.  Who doesn’t prefer the real syrup to sugar water?!

During my time at the Welty I have had the opportunity to help Aaron film this year’s maple syrup field trip that many students in the Stateline area would normally get to experience in person.

Maple Sugar field trips and the time I’ve spent with the Todd students…

This, in addition to the time I’ve spent with the Todd students at our Wondrous Welty time, has been some of the most enjoyable and insightful experiences I’ve had so far in my two years at Beloit.

During the filming of the maple syrup trip I learned how to identify maples and how Native Americans made syrup along with how to educate over video.

..have been some of the most enjoyable and insightful experiences I’ve had so far.

With the Todd after school program I have gotten a bunch of experience preparing half hour programs for elementary age students not just learning that process, but often learning from the students as well. I don’t know that environmental education was necessarily on my list of possible jobs to attain after college, but it certainly is now and it’s an avenue I hope to further explore with the rest of my time at Beloit.

Thank you, Emma, for all your hard work and contributions…it’s been great to have you at Welty this spring!

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC