Meet Welty’s Summer Staff

It’s looking like a very different summer than we expected, but we’re excited to have Kerry Randazzo and Madison Suttman join us for the summer. Even though there won’t be summer camp in 2020, generous grants from the Colonel Morse Foundation and the Stateline Community Foundation are supporting Welty collaborations with the Stateline Boys and Girls Club and Community Action, Inc. (Left: Kerry Randazzo; Right: Madison Suttman)

Welty Summer staff

We’re so happy to bring these two on the team…

Kerry’s background is an interesting mix of theatre, environmental science, and communication, and he holds a B.A. in all three from Beloit College…which is perfect for Welty’s virtual work, these days!

Costume Design and Environmental Studies converse with each other in more ways than one might think at a glance,” he explained. “I have been able to use my background in sewing as a way of teaching about environmental topics such as fast fashion consumption, upcycling fabrics, and clothing maintenance. My background in Environmental Studies also provides a great source of inspiration for creating costume designs–such as a series of garments meant to simulate the experience of a fish caught in a nylon waste net.”

We posted his first video for our YouTube channel this week–a walk along Turtle Creek to learn about erosion and its effects. He is going to help Aaron develop more video programming that replicates lessons from our field trips and day camps. He will also help create field trip curricula for visits to local parks for SBGC and CAI campers.

Welcome to Welty, Kerry and Madison!

Madison joins us next week and she, too, just graduated from Beloit College after completing a B.S. in biology and environmental studies.  She worked as an intern with Welty this fall, helping Aaron and Andy after school at Fruzen and McNeel Intermediate Schools. This summer she will be leading daily programs at the SBGC day camps, using lessons she creates for their raised garden beds (see May 7’s blog) and other environmental themes. Madison is looking forward to using the experience she had in the fall to help her take on a teaching role this summer, and inspire kids to be as enthusiastic about nature as she is. You’ll hear more from her in a few weeks.

We’re so happy to bring these two on the team.  Their enthusiasm and ideas will be great additions to the mix, this summer, and it will be fun to see their contributions. Welcome to Welty, Kerry and Madison!

Brenda Plakans | Welty Executive DirectorBrenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC