Nine Days until Giving Tuesday!

Lots of folks are focusing on getting Thanksgiving break, but staff at non-profit organizations are gearing up for the busiest time of the fundraising year. You may have seen mention of Giving Tuesday show up in your social media feed. This day (the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving–Nov. 30, 2021) was started to contrast the message of buybuybuy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Service organizations can choose to go all in with events leading up to and then culminating with a big fundraiser on the actual date; others take advantage of the publicity and run something fun on that single day.

Please consider your favorite charity(ies) this holiday season…

However your favorite charity chooses to celebrate #GivingTuesday (if at all), please take the opportunity to consider the contributions non-profits make to your life. This sector addresses the needs that aren’t or can’t be served by government or business, but are critical to providing a decent quality of life for a community. The value non-profits contribute to the country are recognized by special designation from the federal government– they do not have to pay taxes on their earnings as long as those earnings go to support their mission. Education, religion, health, arts, families, food, housing, literacy, museums, the environment are all supported by non-profits’ activities.

…for a gift you are comfortable giving–skills, time, money, expertise.

It says it in the name–NON-profit–these are organizations that can fundraise on their behalf, because the services they provide do not generate enough income to cover all their expenses. Here’s where you can help: whether it’s volunteering, advocating for an issue, sharing a skill, or giving money, non-profits could not function without your support. Please consider reaching out to your favorite charity(ies) this holiday season with a gift you are comfortable giving–skills, time, money, expertise. You won’t be sorry.

We give thanks year-round to the great donors and volunteers we have helping Welty provide environmental leadership. And we are so happy to partner with many of great non-profits in the Stateline area–so helping any of them helps all of us!

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC