Putting Hope into Action for 2021

We all know that 2020 was difficult and that 2021 will also have its challenges. 2021 will not be perfect or the way things used to be. However, I see hope in the lessons learned in 2020 for the upcoming year. And I want to plan and act on that hope. 

The new year is going to start out slow. I like to think about this in terms of glaciers, and COVID-19 feels that heavy and imposing. It is going to take time for this glacier to recede and things to unthaw and put down new roots in the till and outwash that has been left behind. So, there will not be much in January, February, or even March. Still, we will try a few programs both virtual and in-person (as conditions allow).

Hope for 2021

Summer camp 2020…we did it safely outside with masks–and we can do it again this year, if need be!

Let’s be ready to get outside, get dirty, and explore together…

In April, we hope to get things going with the help of volunteers and interns. We would love to open the doors on weekends to encourage the curious to explore, to craft, and to experiment. We hope to again host and conduct large group science-fun hikes in Big Hill Park. We want to offer the Wisconsin Master Naturalist Volunteer training. We also hope to get back to offering short and extended camps. 

As for Big Hill Adventure Camp in the summer, we are making plans to again partner with the City of Beloit. When we are able to partner with the City, we are able to do so much more than when we are on our own. However, we learned a lot from our 2020 summer experience with a smaller, shorter, and fully-outdoor camp. If needed, we are making preparations to expand that format to serve more campers safely and for a longer period of time.

… Let’s get ready for 2021!

Until the glacier has receded, consider hoping with me. Turn your hope into action and sign up to volunteer or send an inquiry for an internship. Let’s be like the campers pictured above: resilient and exuberant with the right dash of caution. Let’s be ready to get outside, get dirty, and explore – again – together. Let’s get ready for 2021!

Please make sure to connect with us to stay informed about upcoming events and offerings. You can follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our email newsletter (scroll to the bottom), or periodically check our calendar of events – there are a few things popping up already.  

Happy New Year! 

Aaron Wilson
Program Director, WEC