Register now for Welty’s 2021 Summer Camp!

Our 2021 summer camp lineup is designed for fun that incorporates hands-on environmental activities that will engage and challenge campers between ages 6 and 12 years old. Campers will combat the summer slide by learning ecological vocabulary while exploring the three major biomes of Big Hill Park, using scientific tools, identification guides, and game play.   

We hope to see your camper for one or more weeks of camp this summer. Camp begins the week of June 21st. Register now!

In 2020, we hosted summer camp with Covid-19 precautions, including masks and outside-only activities.  This summer we will follow Rock County health dept. advice to keep everyone safe!

Join us for 11 weeks of environmental fun and learning…

Our weekly themes include: 

Speaking for Trees: We will play games that help us learn how trees work, including how they “talk” to each other. We will also learn to identify several types of trees, adding to the Wisconsin DNR’s Urban Forestry Assessment’s body of knowledge and posting to iNaturalist.

Wilderness Survival: We will learn many of the skills needed to survive if lost in the woods or in an emergency situation. Campers will play games and work through dramatic situations that will bolster confidence. We will build shelters, identify useful and harmful plants, and focus on S.T.O.P (Sit down, Think, Observe, Plan).

…starting June 21 and running through September 3, 2021.

Wild Sports: This week we will focus on wild games. Game play is not limited to humans. Most animals play games, too! We will learn about and play many games that help prepare young animals for survival as adults. We will also play a few camp favorites that include kickball, soccer, 4-square, hide-and-go seek, and capture the flag.

Nature’s Restaurant: Food is everywhere we look. It just might not be for us, or it might be something that we usually would not choose to eat. We dive deep into the food webs of Big Hill Park, learning how ecosystems support an abundance of life. We will also learn to identify edible plants and insects.

Wet and Wild: Prepare to get wet! We will spend much of our time this week exploring Goose Creek. We will learn about the water cycle, river ecology, runoff, pollution, and have a great time getting wet!

Rolling Rocks: Rocks have lives. They change over time. We will explore the glacial history of Big Hill Park by digging, climbing, and playing games. We will learn to identify several subtypes of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

Aaron Wilson
Program Director, WEC