RR5K Week 3: take your 5k to the River!

It’s Week 3 of the Rock River 5k, how about checking out one of the Stateline’s wonderful waterways? (if you still need to register, start HERE)

The Welty Rock River 5K is not only a hike or a bike but also a paddle! There are over 100 access points to the Rock River across Wisconsin and Illinois for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and many other recreational activities. Did you know there are at least 71 access points to the Rock River just on the Illinois side? There are at least 32 other access points in Wisconsin, so it is not challenging to access this great resource we have!

Catfish captured in Turtle Creek during our August Peek in the Creek event at Nature at the Confluence. Interested in taking a closer look at Turtle Creek? Sign up for our Turtle Creek Critter Safari, Sept. 25.

The Welty Rock River 5K is not only a hike or a bike…

Have you found a fish and aren’t sure what kind it is? The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant created an app with thousands of fish photos you can use to help identify your catch! Want to go fishing but don’t have a license? It’s not too late to get one. The cost of the license goes toward wildlife and fisheries conservation, which further allows us to enjoy the Rock River and other wonders of Wisconsin for years to come!

UW Sea Grant App Information: https://www.seagrant.wisc.edu/fish-id/

WI DNR Fishing License: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/Fishing/outreach/FishingLicenses

…but also a paddle!

We’d love to see what you discover on your watery adventure, whether on the Rock River or your home waterway. Send your pictures to development@weltycenter.org OR use the hashtag #WeltyRockRiver5K in your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

We look forward to seeing you!

Darien Becker
Environmental Educator, WEC