Summer is Coming; Time to Plan for Welty Camp!

As we are mired in the dark and soggy spring months of April and May, it can be difficult to conjure images of the sunny summer months of June, July, and August. Yet, the birds and our children know summer is coming. The mornings and evenings are now filled with bird song, and our homes resonate with adult reminders that pants and a jacket are still more appropriate than shorts and tank-tops – even in Wisconsin. The North wind has yet to completely give way to the South. We must listen to those birds and our children. They know that with the warming weather so too will school end, releasing them to their own devices.

Welty Summer Day Camp, we explore every bit of Big Hill Park–wet or dry!

This summer, Welty campers will become citizen scientists…

I do not use the word devices lightly. Gone are the days of my youth, when we were tossed outside – locked out of the house in some cases – called back only for lemonade breaks and meals. Today, “left to their own devices” means something completely different. If given the chance, even my daughter will choose to be inside, in her bed, and on her phone, tablet, or computer deeply entranced by the 30-second adventures and exploits of others. If left to her own devices, she would scroll the summer away.

…collecting real data used by researchers to strengthen their projects.

Here at Welty Camp, our days are filled with adventures that take us into the 193 acres of Big Hill Park. We have planned 11-weeks of discovery that will keep minds sharp as we learn about the natural world around us. We will build upon the school year by providing hand-on experiments that bolster literacy, math, and science skills.

This year, as part of our partnership with UW’s Nelson Institute, we will use NASA-designed GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) protocols and Welty campers will become citizen scientists, collecting real data used by researchers to strengthen their projects. Our environmental lessons are inspired by the Next Generation Science Standards, but don’t misunderstand me. There is still plenty of free time at camp for lazing, independent imaginary-play, and dreaming.

There are many ways to spend the coming summer. Here at Welty, we hope you and your children choose to join us.  

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Aaron Wilson
Program Director, WEC