The Cost of Doing Welty Business

We are in the midst of our Winter Appeal. Most non-profits do their major fundraising at this time of year, when folks are in a giving mood. I have a stack of envelopes at home that I need to send to all my favorite causes before Dec. 31. I’m sure you do too, and on behalf of my non-profit colleagues, I thank you for your generosity towards the important work that service agencies do.

Volunteer time is also an important contribution which allows us provide a variety of expertise in our programs…including foraging for wild edibles with Rock County Conservationists!

Your annual gifts help us cover our costs…

These unrestricted donations are especially appreciated, because we all have shoestring budgets, but can’t ignore the cost of doing business. The biggest expense for most non-profits is staff salaries–the folks who support our clients and programs. We also have utility bills to pay, office supplies to buy, insurance policies to renew, and other un-glamorous expenses that are critical to our mission, even if they don’t directly affect our clients. Your annual gifts help us cover many of these costs…which means we are able to serve the community with our best work!

…which means we are able to serve the community with our best work!

At Welty, we keep our program fees low, so schools, partners, and parents can afford to visit–but we only earn enough program income to fund 25% of our expenses. That means we have to fundraise and apply for grants to cover the rest. Here’s a breakdown of how your contributions help:                                                                                                   

-One single day camp (7 hrs.) per camper: $56 (actual cost)/$32 (our charge)

-One week for full-day (7 hrs./day) camp per camper: $180/$105   

-1.5-2 hr. school group trip to Welty (no transportation): $135 – 225/$90

-1.5 hours Adult Lecture program: $350/$5 per person

-10 Monthly visits from partners (Head Start, SBGC): $1300/$0 (we get a grant)

We are so grateful for your ongoing support…we cannot connect people with nature without you. Thank you for your help, however you choose to give it! And if you still have our envelope on your desk, please send it before Dec. 31 to take advantage of our 3-for-1 matching grant. Or give online.

When we work together, we can make a difference and improve our community…thank you for being a part of the Welty family!

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC