The Latest on Beloit’s Hard-working Compost Bins

This spring, Welty partnered with the City of Beloit, to sponsor a compost bin sale. Thanks to a Rotary Club of Beloit grant, we were able to host workshops on our pick-up dates, so folks could ask questions and share info. We have sold about 75 bins (there are some left, that you can purchase from the City of Beloit’s Public Works office, 2351 Springbrook Ct.). With the grant, we also gave bins to the BMHS Environmental Club and the Merrill Community Garden (they are using some, and gave some to their neighbors).

Lisa has already collected a bin’s worth and is turning it all at once.

It’s exciting how much organic waste is staying out of the landfill…

Out of curiosity, I checked in with the newest Stateline-area composters, to hear how things were going. Here are some of the responses:

Lisa: I actually just flipped our compost yesterday (see above photo).

Barb: My composting is going well. I am surprised how much the volume decreases. I’m planning to add red worm composting next spring, in addition to the bin composting. Thank you for encouraging people to reduce food waste and improve the soil – it is a win-win!

Deb:  We like the new bin, especially because the lid locks, it was easy to assemble, and is making compost. We have two bins; the new one is for mulch and our old one is for food.

…if you are like me, and think that’s exciting!

I also got an honest answer from Jon, who said: I’m the worst composter ever…it is still sitting in a corner of our garage, waiting for its forever home in the backyard (where we need to clear a weedy space). Believe it or not, we actually started making that space ready for it last weekend. For now, we have a dozen ice cream buckets of compostable material in our chest freezer…

It’s exciting to think about how much organic waste is staying out of the landfill–if you are like me, and think that’s exciting. I appreciate hearing about the current efforts and am glad to share more success stories, if you want to send them my way!

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC