WE DID IT…323 miles (519 km) along the Rock River!

September 7 was the official end of Welty’s Virtual Rock River 5k, and we achieved our goal and then some!  Together our mileage got us from the start of the Rock River in Horicon Marsh in north-central Wisconsin, all the way through Illinois to the Mississippi river in Iowa (and 2 miles further).  And look at all the happy faces of everyone who contributed…it’s like a zoom call for late-summer outdoor fun!

2020 Welty Rock River 5k

(2020 Welty Rock River 5k participants who documented with a selfie, from top left: B. Plakans, K. Lokrantz, S. Parsons, L. Striegel, Jones Family (MN), Urish family, D. Elfstrom, B. Keyes, K. Pohl, J. Fossum, J. Stahl, C. Blay,  Jones Family (WI),  K. Berridge, F. Berridge, Kip and Krona Berridge, A. Engebretson, D. Murphy, B. Seguin, M. Howland, S. Howland, J. Kallkirtz, B. Magnus, J. Robson, H. Wiersgalla, K. Wiersgalla, J. Fossum, J. and C. Espinoza, C. and C. Espinoza, Y. Grossman, J. Murry, K. Jones, D. Knutson, C. Josh, S. Furukawa, K. Johnson, E. Johnson, M.E. Fuentes, A. Ramsey-Martinez,B. Plakans, J. Rougvie, E. Ericson, W. Ericson, A. and N. Wilson,  E. Berridge, N. Udell (and K. and A. Udell), K. Forbeck. We also got support from: D. Bendlin, C. Fox, P. Gorman, B. & M. Henderson, M. & T. Holmes, C. Laube, K. Larson, M. Spreitzer, S. & R. Pink, B. Wilson, D. Youd, Even Start Family Literacy, Blain’s Farm and Fleet).

71 people went 322 miles (519 km) so far

We are so grateful for everyone’s participation and were able to raise $5200 to support Stateline environmental education.  That amount is how much it costs us to provide virtual field trips for 5 full grades (3 full-grades in a “normal” year), or 1500 students.  We also raised enough money to provide free entries for 15 students who participated in Beloit College’s Help Yourself program this summer. This event was a lot of fun to plan and tabulate, and we never had to worry about the weather–unheard of for a Wisconsin event!

…and we’ll leave registration open another week.

But we’re going to go a little farther, and you could join us, if you’d like.  71 people went 323 miles (519 km) so far, and we’re waiting on mileage from the Buccaneer Boathouse paddlers and GS Troop 7823. 

Here are some other fun facts about the event (as of 9/7/20):

31 people walked 116.1mi/ 186.8km.

11 people biked 119.4mi/ 192.1km.

9 people ran 34.2 mi/ 55 km.

5 people paddled 32.9mi/ 53km.

4 dogs came along (2 added 15mi/24 km).

2 people swam 3.1mi/ 5km.

1 person paddle-boarded 3.1mi/ 5km.

1 person rode a scooter 3.1mi/ 5km.

1 person rode a skateboard 3.1mi/ 5km.

1 person was pushed in a wheelchair 7.7mi/ 12.4km.

We’ve left the 5K registration open and have a few bandanas left, so consider going 5K to support Stateline environmental education!

Sponsored By:

ZFS | Zeeland Farm Services

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC