Welcome to the Blog!

The vivid yellow-greens of Big Hill Park are starting to deepen as the spring moves towards summer, and the blooms of the Newsome educational garden change weekly to delight visitors to the Center [Spiderwort (right) with one of our native solitary bees].  The dramatic seasonal changes we are enjoying outside are mirrored by the many new developments we are experiencing at Welty

One new development, is this blog.  We hope to post updates, information, and reflections every 5 days, to keep you informed but also to encourage a dialogue with our web visitors about Welty’s activities .  Of all of the ways we communicate (facebook, email blasts, instagram, web page), this blog can be the most conversational and give you the chance to hear more about our day to day activities, learn more about southern Wisconsin ecology, and ask questions or comment.

Another big change, is the hiring of our new program director Aaron Wilson.  I asked him to provide a bio, so you can learn more about who is heading up our program department and working with our Environmental Educator, Andy Tuszynski, to keep Welty humming with activities.  He wrote:

“My love for outdoor education is deeply rooted in my mother’s insistence that I learn to count by weeding the backyard garden. Not only did I need to count weeds, but sort them into piles: dandelions, clovers, grasses, and trees. I went on to compete in the Nebraska Future Farmers of America events. I then taught camping, knot tying, and plant identification merit badges at the Boy Scout, Camp Corn Husker. However, I put all that aside for a while and earned degrees in Rhetoric and Discourse and Creative Writing at Beloit College (with a minor in Environmental Studies). I moved around managing bookstores and writing stories, earned a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN., and published a few books

But I never lost my passion for being outdoors and environmental science. Putting my liberal arts education into practice, I used my college minor to land a job teaching Environmental Science at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Then along came a feisty daughter and an opportunity to be a stay-at-home father, so my family and I moved back to Beloit. While in Beloit, I have chased my daughter, worked in various positions at Beloit College, and found Welty to be home I have always sought. ”

We are so pleased to be fully-staffed again, and that Aaron is the person completing our roster.  Stay tuned for his contributions to the blog, and let us know what you want to read about!

Brenda P.