Welty’s 2021 Community Impact Grant from SCF

We are happy to announce that Welty received a $4700 Community Impact Grant from the Stateline Community Foundation this spring. This grant funds a collaboration between Welty, the Stateline Boys and Girls Club, and Community Action, Inc. for the summer of 2021, supporting three field trips and two overnights for youth at Big Hill Center. These trips will give day campers the opportunity to learn outdoor survival skills, cook over a fire, hike, and have nature-based fun.

Last summer, SCF funded field trips to Beckman Mill for SBGC and Big Hill Park for Community Action, Inc.’s PREP students.

This grants provides funding for an innovative collaboration between non-profits…

For the field trips, Welty staff will plan and lead programs at area parks, such as: Big Hill Park, Beckman Mill, Nygren Wetland Preserve, Rock Cut State Park, and Merrill Community Gardens.

The lesson plans can be adapted for older youth and incorporated into overnights, although these would have more emphasis on team activities and leadership development.  Welty will lead the outdoor activities, while Stateline Boys and Girls Club and Community Action, Inc. staff will direct the evening’s activities and chaperone overnight. The intention for these longer visits is to expose intermediate- and high schoolers to the thrill of wilderness camping, without going too far from home.

…while supporting each organization’s mission.

This proposal provides funding for an innovative collaboration between community organizations, while supporting each individual group’s mission: Welty reaches an underserved population that they usually only interact with on school field trips; Stateline Boys and Girls Club and Community Action, Inc. are able to offer challenging, nature-based programming designed specifically for their clients to help meet summer learning goals.

A big thank-you to SCF for making these opportunities possible!


Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC