Welty’s Beloit Science Scavenger Hunt! #WiSciFest

Welcome to Welty’s Beloit Science Scavenger Hunt! This event is part of the 2020 Wisconsin Science Festival, October 15-18. Visit wisconsinsciencefest.org to discover more events. 

Your adventure, if you dare participate, is to travel to different scientifically interesting locations around Beloit. Clues are provided in the video embedded on this page. When you have found the location, snap a selfie and post it to either Instagram or Facebook using the following tags: #WiSciFest #beloitwi #weltybssh

Participation: Free

  • Self Guided
  • No Registration
  • Donations are appreciated (suggested $5.00): Click to Donate

1st Place Prize: A Welty Tote Bag. The first person to email selfies (in a single email) of all nine locations by the 2pm on October 18th to info@weltycenter.com will be the winner. The Winner will be contacted by email by October 21st to arrange a time to claim the prize.  

  • All Other Finishing Participants: Bragging Rights that you know Beloit’s scientifically interesting locations! 

Video Clue Time Markers

  • 00:03 – Location 1 (Geology)
  • 00:40 – Location 2 (Engineering)
  • 01:23 – Location 3 (Ecology)
  • 02:05 – Location 4 (Physics) 
  • 02:33 – Location 5 (Archaeology)
  • 02:57 – Location 6 (Anthropology)
  • 03:27 – Location 7 (Hydrology)
  • 03:54 – Location 8 (Botany)
  • 04:26 – Location 9 (Biology)

Locations will be posted on this page and announced on Instagram and Facebook by October 23rd.

Aaron WilsonAaron Wilson
Program Director, WEC