Welty’s Earth Day Plog Challenge, April 19-25

The state of Wisconsin has long been at the forefront of the environmental movement, and we’re coming up on a special day that exemplifies that leadership. The first Earth Day was held in 1970, based on an idea by Wisconsin senator Gaylord Nelson to sponsor national teach-ins about the environment. This grew to become an annual event nationally and was expanded as a global celebration in 1990. Today it is one of the largest secular observances in the world, when over a billion people participate in a day of action dedicated to cleaning up the environment.  

Welty is sponsoring an Earth Day Plog Challenge next week, so that Stateline residents can take part in a worldwide event by helping clean-up their community.

Put trash in its place…if you’re plogging at Big Hill Park, the dumpster is in the lower parking lot.

What’s Plogging, you ask–it’s a Swedish word that combines jogging (or walking) and picking up trash as a way to exercise and clean-up our neighborhoods, parks, and city.

Go outside anytime next week, pick up trash, take a photo…

Go outside anytime next week, pick up trash, take a photo of your progress, and send it to development@weltycenter.org with your name(s) to register for a prize and document your haul!  Let us know if it’s cool to post on social media and, if you can, include what streets or neighborhood you plogged, and we’ll track our progress on a map.

We are celebrating:

  • Most bags collected-Individual and Group
  • Most improved site (before/after photos)
  • Longest distance plogged
  • Most creative plogging photo

…register for a prize and document your haul!

Remember, even though this is supposed to be a fun way to participate in Earth Day, trash pick-up requires precautions.  Be sure to:

  • Wear gloves and hand-sanitize often.
  • Avoid hazardous materials, including sharps or glass. 
  • Wear closed-toe shoes and consider highly visible clothing for safety.
  • Stay safe along roadways, especially if minors are included.
  • Please practice social distancing and appropriate mask-wearing if not with members of your household.
  • Be sure to dispose of your plog haul safely, once you’ve taken a photo!

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC