Welty’s Earth Day Plog Challenge Success!

Wow! Beloit is 85 bags of trash cleaner, plogged by 55 people from Monday, April 19-Sunday, April 25. It was so fun to track everyone’s progress (see map below) and get all the great photos (also see below). Some folks helped with a massive 15-bag clean-up of Turtle Creek Park (Doug Elfstrom, Brittany Keyes, Ken Forbeck, Rich and Terri Fritz); others challenged themselves to go out everyday (Deb Fallon, Barb Porter); student groups hit the streets to make a difference (Fresh Start students, Even Start students, BMHS Environmental Club); and even our youngest residents pitched in (Caroline, Rowen, Oliver, Landen, Parker, Miles, and Casen).

Welty’s Earth Day Plog Challenge final map and everyone who participated (or a photo of their haul).

It was phenomenal to see how willing folks were to help out and get involved. 85 bags is a lot of trash. It also makes me think about how we can support these efforts to make clean-up a habit for everyone–or how to discourage littering in the first place.

Beloit is 85 bags of trash cleaner…

One immediate action is to have more garbage cans available, so it is easy to throw things away; Barb Porter suggested bins on Canterbury Trail and the City of Beloit provided them. A second is to use less disposable materials–either by providing your own, or by encouraging businesses to be mindful of their waste (not giving out extra napkins, less packaging, recycling).

And there’s a third action, as mentioned by Barb: “It has made me think back to how it was when I was younger…all the many signs and PSA’s about littering (Fines for littering and a TV commercial of a native American looking over a beautiful landscape that has been littered and a tear coming from his eyes (no speaking needed); and First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson’s, campaign to “Keep America Beautiful.”

…plogged by 55 people from April 19-25!

Maybe we need a new national anti-littering campaign to convince people to put trash where it belongs (recycled or landfill) and out of nature and our waterways. Let’s bring back Woodsy!

A huge thank you to everyone who participated (we’ll be reaching out this next week): Tracy Bliss and Landen and Parker; Kip, Krona, Erik, and Kirk Berridge; Doug Elfstrom: Ken Forbeck; Brittany Keyes and Caroline; Rich and Terri Fritz; Deb Fallon; Barb Porter; Nicki and Stephen Meyer and Oliver; Susan and Jeff Johnson; Brenda Plakans; Jinjer Miller; Dennis Murphy; Elizabeth Currier; Jeannie Hansen; BMHS Environmental Club; Heidi Andre; Kristina Van Horn and Rowen; Fresh Start students; Kaelyb Lokrantz; Even Start students; Willie Ericson; Kim Gottfredsen; Cindy Laube and Casen ; Robert Dutcher; Jenny Hoople; Marlene Howe and Miles; John Kalkirtz; Diane Gemignani; Penny Rabuck; Aaron Wilson; Jan Knutson; Jane Fossum.

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC