Welty’s Head Start field trips, 2020-21

A favorite partnership of Welty’s is our monthly field trips for Rock-Walworth County Family Service Head Start/Even Start, that we’ve been doing since 2019. This year’s trips were funded by the Hendricks Family Foundation…and what a year it was!

Aaron was able to visit HS classes at their building this spring, and they all went outside to study nature in their schoolyard.

This past school year was unlike any other, but thanks to creative solutions developed by WEC and HS…

We were able to complete two in-person field trips in September, but had to cancel in October because of Covid-19. With permission from HFF to modify our trips, we began virtual programming in November, which included: Trees; Habitats; Winter Food; Winter Fur & Clothing. Welty staff also created kits that were sent home with families, for students to use during online meetings. 

…we were able to host 27 field trips for 70 HS students, staff, and caregivers.

By March, Welty staff was allowed to visit the HS facility and run outdoor programs at their site. HS teachers were happy for the opportunity to get their students outside with programs that supported classroom lessons. Topics covered included: Seeds and Planting; Animal Homes; Turtles; and Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore. We were able to use the HS school yard for short hikes and interactions with nature. 

This past school year was unlike any other, but through constant communication with HS staff and creative solutions developed by Welty’s program staff, we were able to bring nature-based programming to 70 HS students, staff, and caregivers and interacted with them almost every month of the 2020-21 school year on 27 separate visits.

We are so happy we could work with HS students and teachers, whether in-person or virtually, and we give a big thank-you to HFF for making these visits possible!

Brenda Plakans
Executive Director, WEC