Where to 5K…use these Rock River trail maps!

Are you suffering from a bit of Pandemic Cabin Fever?  Join Welty outside for a Virtual 5K event (you can register here)–we’re trying to collectively travel the entire distance of the Rock River!

If we register 104 participants, and each person travels the 5K distance (3.1 mi or about 6560 steps) between today and Sept. 7,  we will have gone the total length of the Rock River, 515km (320  miles).  The Rock River starts in three branches that collect into Horicon Marsh, it travels south down to Beloit–approximately the half-way point–and from there it enters Illinois and  joins the Mississippi at the Quad cities area. The Rock River or (Sinnisippi in Fox or Sauk languages), is such a wonderful resource, and it is the reason for the very existence of cities like Beloit, Rockford, Janesville, Watertown, etc.

(This Big Hill Park trail map was created with a J.E.T. grant from Visit Beloit)

If you are looking for places to Run, Walk, Hike, Bike, Swim, or Paddle

If you are looking for places to Run, Walk, Hike, Bike, Swim, of Paddle, there are hundreds of possibilities in the Stateline area.  

One of the best map sites comes from the City of Beloit’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Out at Big Hill Park, there is the bicycle trail which can support biking, hiking, running–even wheelchair pushing–and several gravel trails.  From our experience, the paths are almost always without any other visitors. In addition, there are trails listed on the site with their distances at many other Beloit parks.

…there are hundreds of possibilities in the Stateline area.

There also are lots of possibilities at the Rock River Trail website. Here you will find hiking, biking, paddling, and even horseback-riding routes up and down the Rock River!

We would love for you to take some pictures of your 5K and send them along to us.  While we can’t get together as a group, at least we can collectively share our experiences with each other.  The whole goal is to engage our Welty friends in a collective exercise experience that is both fun and safe.  Although we will totally accept a 5K done on a treadmill,  we strongly encourage you find a nice quiet place to complete your 5K (near the Rock River?) and “connect with nature”!

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Kirk BerridgeBerridge
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